ATTENTION New York Drivers: 

Do Not Speak to Another Soul About Your Accident Until You Call Case Legal Network! 

Saying the wrong things can absolutely DESTROY your case and reduce or eliminate your settlement amount.

How Much is Your Case Worth? Two minutes on the phone could change your life forever. Call today!

We Help With All Accidents Including´╗┐:

  • Auto - SR1 DMV Report Help
  • Left Hand Turn Accidents
  • Hit and Run
  • Uninsured Motorist
  • Semi Trucks "Big Rigs"
  • Bicycle
  • Animal Attacks
  • Dog Bites
  • Boating
  • Public Transportation/Buses
  • Vehicle Defects: Tires, Seat Belts
  • Construction/On-the-job Accidents
  • Nursing Home & Medical Mistakes

We Help with All Injuries´╗┐:

How are those painful injuries evaluated?

See The Right Doctor - Right Now!

  • We can help you find the right doctor: One who has experience in diagnosing and treating injuries, dealing with insurance companies, who does not work for them and can be provide treatment on credit.
  • Your injury could be more serious than you realize, it may be difficult to diagnose or it may develop complications later on if not treated properly now.
  • If you "suffer in silence" or use "home remedies", your claim could be worthless and you may have failed to comply with your legal duty to "mitigate damages".
  • Do not agree to see a company doctor before Calling us.

Want Us To Help You Fight The Insurance Company?

  • Insurance companies have enormous advantages: Vast wealth, armies of trained adjusters, sharp lawyers and experts in at least 67 legal defenses to minimize or deny your compensation.
  • Immediately after the accident, the insurance company for the negligent party will gather evidence that will provide the company with grounds to dispute your claim or to minimize your compensation.
  • If you were injured by an uninsured motorist your own insurance company will be your opponent even though your policy requires you to cooperate.
  • Many companies use the Colossus computer program. Colossus saves the company money by undervaluing claims. You know how Colossus works and how to deal with it.
  • Remember, there is no legal formula regulating the compensation due to an accident victim!

Does the "Comparative Negligence Law" Apply to You?

Crucial Advice

  • Do not give a statement (written or recorded) to anyone it's evidence and can be used against you!
  • Do not sign anything without our advice. If it is a release it ends your right to collect in the future even if your injury is more serious than you realize
  • Do not sign an authorization - it allows them to get all your confidential records, even old records that have nothing to do with the accident!
  • Do not accept an "offer" unless you get a free "second opinion" from us.
  • Auto repairs: let us refer you to a reliable body shop.
  • Do not guess: about the value of your case.
  • Do not delay: evidence can be lost, witnesses can forget and the "statute of limitations" can expire!

Who Is Case Legal And What Can We Do For You?

  • Our goal is to make your life easier at ZERO cost. We are not a legal firm, but we have access to qualified lawyers in New York State who can help you with your case. 
  • Finding a lawyer who can advocate for you is absolutely free for you. There is no risk getting a free consultation with a lawyer in our network.