[Updated] Round Up Weed Killer Class Action Lawsuit Filings

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The Real Roundup Class Action Lawsuit Is Just Beginning

A New, Looming Class Action Lawsuit Is Brewing In The United States…

You’ve got cancer. Many farmers and groundskeepers have gotten it. And a massive number of Americans are about to get their savings and livelihoods wiped out practically overnight because of it. Yet a small group of victims are in a position to sue the weedkiller manufacturer responsible and may strike it rich. Will YOU join them?

Dear American,

In a U.S. Government report, researchers found hard evidence refuting Monsanto’s claim that Roundup is safe for people and pets.

According to researchers, the weedkiller’s primary ingredient, glyphosate, is toxic to cells in the body and may cause cancer.

Glyphosate A Potential Human Carcinogen

In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer deemed glyphosate as a potential human carcinogen, which prompted the EPA to requests tests.

The IARC noted concerns about the combination of glyphosate with Round Up’s other ingredients.

It was noted that, when mixed together, the glyphosate was far more powerful and better at killing cells.

The NTP’s work said products with glyphosate and other chemicals lead to a significant decrease in human cell viability and disturbed cell membranes.

The IARC’s findings suggest that glyphosate and its formulations could cause oxidative stress – a possible cause for cancer growth and development.

The first phase of the NTP testing does not prove or disprove this theory.

The government is still doing extensive testing to determine if Roundup and other similar products with chemical formulations and glyphosate are causing users’ cancers.

The NTP’s research has sparked a worldwide debate about Monsanto and other company’s chemical combinations that include glyphosate, and a number of European countries have started to limit the herbicides’ use.

While the EPA looks at just the active ingredient, it’s the formulations in the products (all the chemicals along with the active ingredient) that is causing people to become sick.

The Government Also Noted Some Corporate Secrecy About Glyphosate And The Mixing Of Other Ingredients

According to documents, the EPA is uncertain about the formulations in Roundup because its confidential business information.

It’s baffling to the NTP, but may even be so to Monsanto itself.

Monsanto Could Not Say With Certainty That Its Roundup Products Were Not A Carcinogen

In emails going back more than 15 years, a company scientist said Monsanto could not say with certainty that its Roundup products were not a carcinogen.

The scientist went on to say that necessary formulation testing has not been conducted to make the statement that Roundup was not a carcinogen.

And, in an internal 2002 Monsanto email, the company acknowledges that glyphosate itself is fine, but it’s the formulated product that’s doing the damage.

And, in 2010, another Monsanto email said no such direct testing had been done on the formulations.

Weedkiller Blamed For Multiple Myeloma, Hodgkins And Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Cancer Sufferers Exposed To Round Up May Have A Case Against Monsanto

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is cancer that begins in the lymphatic system such as the lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, digestive tract, and thymus.

Although it sounds like one disease, it’s a diverse group of blood cancers with a single character in their development.

Dewayne Johnson Awarded $289 Million Dollars In Historic Roundup Lawsuit

Dewayne Johnson, a school groundskeeper, was initially awarded $289 million very recently by a Superior Court jury in California who found that some of the blame of his cancer was on Monsanto and the Roundup products that have glyphosate in them. Johnson had been using Roundup for years to spray the fields.

The company is faced with more than 9,000 lawsuits including one from a California resident and mother of three with stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Mother Of Three With Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

The mother of three used Roundup for years to do upkeep on her lawn, and today, suffers from nerve damage and has no feeling in our fingers and jaw.

She along with 300 other California residents made claims that Roundup made them sick or their loved ones died from using the popular weed killer.

Johnson’s case and verdict have given the green light for those thousands of cases to go forward and be brought against Monsanto, who vehemently denies that its products are causing people’s cancers.

You Won’t Get Justice Or Compensation Unless You Take Action Now

Your struggle with cancer and whether or not Roundup triggered it is real. When it’s gone from your life, how will you feel? How much better will your life be? It starts by accepting a quick, easy, and free case review by calling 877-296-7468. Available 24/7. Nationwide.